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HOSHIZAKI KM-1601SWJ3 Crescent Cube Commercial Ice Machine, Water-cooled, Stackable, 3 Phase


The KM-1601SWJ3 is capable of producing approximately 1565 lbs of crescent cubed ice.

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Our efficient double-sided stainless steel evaporators create our unique crescent shaped ice cubes. It is the purest and hardest ice on the market and is perfect fit for a wide range of applications. This Water-cooled, Stackable, 3 Phase ice maker features an CycleSaver™ design and includes the EverCheck™ alert system making the unit energy efficient and simple to maintain. The KM-1601SWJ3 requires a Three phase, 208-230v/60/3 electrical connection that is hard-wired at the installation site. Compatible bins & dispensers, sold separately: B-800B-900B-1150B-1300, B-1500B-1650. Please consult the Specification Sheet for additional details.



Features & Specifications:

• Dimensions: 48” W x 27-3/8” D x 27-3/8” H
• Shipping weight: 360 lbs
• Up to 1565 lbs of ice produced per 24 hours
• Stack 2 units for 2x the ice production
• 48”W wide profile
• Water-cooled, Stackable, 3 Phase
• Produces crescent ice
• Durable stainless steel exterior
• Compatible bins & dispensers, sold separately: B-800B-900B-1150B-1300, B-1500B-1650
• EverCheck™ alert system
• CycleSaver™ design
• R-404a refrigerant
• Protected by H-GUARD Plus Antimicrobial Agent
• Ambient temperature range: 45 – 100°F
• Water temperature range: 45 – 90°F
• Water pressure: 10 – 113psig
• Voltage range: 187 – 253V
• 9 amps (20 Amp Max fuse)
• 3.66 kwh/100 [email protected] 90/70
• Three phase, 208-230v/60/3
• Clean ice and easy maintenance lead to longer unit life span
• Three Years: Parts & Labor on entire machine.
• Five Years: Parts & Labor on evaporator.

More Information
Type of IceCrescent Cube
24 Hours Production1,671.00 lb
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