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Apply for the Supporting STEM Scholarship


Please note the following:


  • Short answer questions: it is recommended that you write your answers with longer responses in a separate word document. You can then copy and paste into the answer sections when you are finished.
  • All necessary documents should be in these file formats only;
    • Microsoft Word
    • PDF
    • JPG
    • PNG
  • All portions of the application must be completed in order to submit. Missing fields will be automatically rejected.


Student information is strictly confidential, and will not be used in any way except for:


  • Evaluating the students for the award
  • Confirming we received the application
  • Contacting the winning recipient
  • Use of image for social media and other media related interests


See the Supporting STEM Scholarship Criteria for more information on how the winning recipient will be chosen.


Contact Information

Work Status

Volunteer Status

College Status & Credentials

SAT or ACT Testinghoshizaki-question-mark If you took the SAT or ACT prior to March 2016, then fill in the portions that are most relevant to the test that you took.

  • *All application questions must meet the minimum word count of 150-1000 words 

If you have any problems, or general questions, regarding our application form and process, please feel free to email us at