2019 Stem Scholarship Award Winner

2019 Stem Scholarship Award Winner Corban Walsh is the Billerica Memorial High School 2019 Salutatorian and will be starting in the fall at the University of Alabama Honors Program as a sophomore in Aerospace Engineering as well as in the STEM to MBA program. Throughout his high school career Corban has worked in the exhibit halls at the Museum of Science in Boston to engage museum visitors in engineering projects. Corban is also an Eagle Scout and one of only 1100 Scouts to ever earn the prestigious Hornaday Award. He is active athlete in both swimming and track and field, having just competed at the 2019 Junior Olympic National Trials in shot put. Corban is also involved with a variety of service activities such as United Sound, where he has worked to teach special needs students how to play musical instruments. It has always been Corban’s dream to design the next great space ships on our quest to explore the galaxy.