Hoshizaki Distributors and Dealers


Hoshizaki distributors and Hoshizaki dealers are at times easily confused. In many cases, people may mistakenly use these terms interchangeably. However, there are distinct differences in what constitutes a Hoshizaki distributor and what constitutes a Hoshizaki dealer.


A Hoshizaki distributor typically purchases directly from the manufacturer, in this case Hoshizaki. These distributors may then sell to dealers, so the ice machines can be sold to the general public. In most cases, a distributor will not sell directly to the public. The dealer-distributor relationship is well established in the distribution of commercial appliances, machinery and mechanical goods. The automotive industry is an especially prominent industry which utilizes the distributor and dealer model.


Interestingly, dealers and distributors are similar in that they may both purchase the goods they sell. The distributor interacts directly with the manufacturer, while the dealer may deal strictly with the distributor. Incentive programs are often employed by distributors and dealers to subsidize advertising, offer bonuses, and even provide special discounts.


If you are looking to purchase an ice machine, it is best to speak with a Hoshizaki dealer, since the distributors are not likely to sell direct to consumers. At HoshizakiIceMaker.com, we are an authorized Hoshizaki dealer, and sell ice machines all over the country for businesses and individuals alike.


If you are interested in purchasing a Hoshizaki ice machine, or have questions about a purchase, please call one of our specialists at 800-965-0081.