An ice machine with remote-cooling functions very similar to an air-cooled ice machine. The difference is that the condenser is located outside of the machine and the building, usually installed on the rooftop. Any heat and noise normally produced from an air-cooled unit would be transferred to the outside condenser instead.

Remote Cooled ice machine


The temperatures in kitchens can get high. This type of cooling is perfect for operating in those kitchens. Normal air-cooled ice makers will have trouble with ice production when the room temperature is above 90°F. With remote-cooling, the room temperature isn't a factor since the refrigerant is being cooled from outside of the building.


The remote condenser is sold separately from the ice machine, so it will be more costly. Another added cost is the installation of the remote condenser; refrigerant lines need to be ran through the walls of the building to the remote-condenser outside. The remote condenser's efficiency is varied, depending on the temperature outside. Cooler temperatures will result in great performance, while hot conditions will cause the condenser to struggle.