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Tech Tips

1 Beep = High Temperature: This error occurs when the unit has experienced high temperature at the evaporator outlet. This is measured by the thermistor, which is located on the suction line. This error can be caused by hot water being supplied to the unit, either by the unit being installed on a hot water line or through hot water migration from an external source.

2 Beeps = Long Harvest cycles: The board will automatically return the unit into freeze if the harvest cycle has lasted over twenty minutes. If this occurs two consecutive times the board will shut the unit down and sound the two-beep alarm. This particular alarm is also shown by illuminating the orange D13 LED on the control board. Possible causes include hot gas valve failure, low water supply, etc.

3 Beeps = Long Freeze cycles: This is another back up safety as discussed above in the Two-beep explanation. This code occurs when the unit has exceeded the back up freeze time protection two consecutive times. This illuminates a yellow LED D14. This problem can be caused by a sticking float switch, inlet water valve leaking by, refrigeration problems etc. Note: The back up freeze timer is set at 60 minutes for most models. However, it may be set at 50, 70 or 75(50hz Only) on certain models.

4 Beeps = Shorted K4 connection: This alarm only applies in certain machines that have a mechanical bin control installed. This error is shown when the wiring from the mechanical bin control shows a shorted circuit. This typically would be a problem with the resistor wire harness used with the mechanical bin control. DIP switch number 7 must be on for the mechanical bin control to operate therefore this alarm will not be active unless a mechanical bin control is used. 

5 Beeps = Open K4 connection: This alarm is the opposite of the four-beep alarm; it identifies an open circuit in the mechanical bin control circuit.

6 Beeps = Low Voltage: This code is one of two automatic reset errors provided by the board. It signals a low voltage situation. If the voltage drops below 92 volts +/- 5%, the control board will start the six-beep alarm and shut down the unit. Once the proper voltage is supplied to the unit, the alarm will stop and the unit will return to normal operation.

7 Beeps = High Voltage: This code is the opposite of the one above and signals that the unit is experiencing a high voltage situation. If the voltage exceeds 147 volts +/- 5%, then the control board will sound the seven-beep alarm and shut down the unit. Many times this problem is related to a “stinger” or “high leg” being supplied to the unit, which can usually be solved by swapping the two legs of power at the back of the unit. This alarm is automatically reset when proper voltage is supplied. 

ALARM RESET: Depressing the white or black reset button on the control board will reset all manual reset alarms. The board must be reset with the power ON. Remember, it is important to record the alarm code beforere resetting so that you will know where to begin your troubleshooting.