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Ice Types

There are a number of different types of ice including cubed, nugget, flake, gourmet and more. Each type of ice cube may offer distinct benefits depending upon its application. Learn more about the various types of ice below!

Cubed Ice

Cubed ice is the most popular type of ice, and includes a number of different shapes. Cubed ice can include:

  • - Crescent Ice Cubes
  • - Top-Hat Ice Cubes
  • - Premium or Gourmet Ice Cubes
Check out the pictures below to see exactly what each type of cubed ice cube looks like. 
Crescent Ice Top-Hat Ice Premium or Gourmet Ice
Crescent Hoshizaki Ice Cube Top-Hat Ice Cube

Premium or Gourmet Ice

Crescent ice cubes are likely the most popular type of ice, and is commonly used by restaurants around the world. Crescent ice can be made quickly and efficiently. Crescent ice also cools down drinks rapidly, but may dissolve faster than some people prefer. For a longer lasting ice cube, people generally prefer premium or gourmet ice. 
Top-Hat ice cubes are commonly found in personal undercounter ice machines. Top-hat ice requries a smaller machine which appeals to consumers who plan to use an ice maker in their homes. 
Premium or gourmet ice cubes are typically found in higher end drinks. This type of ice cube resists melting longer than a crescent ice cubes and top-hat ice cubes. 

Nugget Ice

Nugget ice is commonly known as the "chewable ice" because the ice cubes are small and soft. This type of ice cube was popularized by restaurants including Sonic, Zaxby's, and Taco Time. Many consumers love to eat this type of ice cube while drinking their drinks. 


Check out the pictures below to see exactly what nugget ice looks like. 


Nugget Ice

Nugget Ice from Hoshizaki Ice


Flake Ice

Flake ice (sometimes referred to as "shaved ice") is commonly used in the food industry to surround food objects without bruising them. Flake ice is comprised of small and soft ice pieces. This type of ice may be used to surround drink containers, keep fruits and vegetables cool, or even to keep fish and seafood fresh.

Check out the pictures below to see exactly what flake ice looks like. 

Flake Ice

Flake Ice from Hoshizaki