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Follett DEV860SG-48-75 52" Ice Bin - 860 lbs

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The Follett DEV860SG-48-75 ice bin has a capacity of 860 pounds

The Follett DEV860SG-48-75 ice bin has a capacity of 860 pounds. Ice is funneled through a chute by gravity, reducing the need for a scoop, which often slows down production. The elimination of scooping also helps prevent ice contamination. To keep ice fresh, the bin uses a first-in, first-out (FIFO) system. The SmartGATE® ice shield controls the flow of ice, reducing spills and limiting the operator’s contact with ice. Accessing ice is simple since the door’s hinge stays open to allow for one-handed access.

The bin has a poly-liner and ABS top that resist corrosion. Cubed and Chewblet® ice can be stored in the bin. Ice is easy to transport in the SmartCART™ since it holds up to 75 pounds of ice in three totes. With the narrow design, the cart fits through most aisles and doorways. There are oversized wheels on the cart to make maneuvering simple. When the cart and totes are not being used, they can be stored compactly under the Follett DEV860SG-48-75 ice bin.


Product Details

  • 860-lb. storage capacity
  • Gravity is used to dispense the ice, providing faster access to ice than scooping
  • Scooping is eliminated to help prevent contamination
  • SmartGATE ice shield limits ice contact and reduces spills by controlling the flow of ice
  • FIFO ice rotation keeps ice fresh
  • Compatible with cube and Chewblet ice
  • Poly-lift door provides easy access to ice
  • Door hinge stays open to make opening and closing simple with 1 hand
  • Bin has a poly-liner that is corrosion resistant
  • Bin and exterior are constructed of stainless steel for corrosion resistance
  • ABS top is resistant to corrosion for long-term use
  • Flexi-Top™ ice bin top makes stocking bins simple
  • 82-oz. plastic ice scoop is included
  • Mounted on adjustable, flanged feet for bolting to the floor
  • Overall Dimensions: 48 in. W x 31 in. D x 6512 in. H

SmartCART Ice Cart

  • Holds 75 lbs. of ice in 3 ice totes
  • Cart stores below the bin when not in use to maintain an organized work area
  • Fits through narrow aisles and doorways for easy delivery
  • Back wheels are oversized for smooth movement
  • Cart Dimensions: 2112 in. W x 34 in. D x 2012 in. H

Ice-DevIce with SmartCART 75, chuted, elevated bin, 860 lb. bin storage, for cube or Chewblet ice only, incl: poly cart with hinged lid, (3) Totes, cart cap. 75 lb., paddle, rake, scoop, poly liner, SmartGATE, poly lift door with PowerHinge, stainless steel ext, base, custom cut top

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