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Filter Size Guide

The production need of your ice maker can affect the number of filters necessary to purify your water. While most models use only a single filter, the KM Cuber line may require two or three to function properly. Twin and triple filter manifolds keep the filters in place and connect the water supply to the ice maker for a seamless cleaning process. Use the chart below to find the model of your ice maker and match it with the correct manifold. If you are looking for replacement filters, click the link at the bottom of the chart.


Model Number Description Undercounter KMs KM Cubers IM Cubers Flakers/ Cubelet DCMs


Use E-10

10" Prefilter


  AM-50BAJ  AM-50BAJ-AD  AM-50BAJ-DS AM-50BAJ-ADDS  KM-81BAJ  KM-116BAJ  KM-161BAJ  KM-161BWJ  KM-231BAJ  KM-301BAJ  KM-301BWJ

Old Models

KM-61BAH  KM-101BAH  KM-151BAH  KM-151BWH  KM-201BAH  KM-260BAH  KM-260BWH

   KM-350MAJ  KM-350MWJ  KM-520MAJ  KM-520MRJ  KM-520MWJ  KM-660MWJ  KM-660MRJ  KM-660MAJ  KML-325MAJ  KML-325MWJ  KML-500MAJ  KML-500MWJ  KML-700MAJ KML-700MWJ  KML-700MRJ  KMD-410MAJ  KMD-410MWH  KMD-460MAJ  KMD-460MWJ  KMD-530MAJ  KMD-530MRJ  KMD-530MWJ  DKM-500BAJ  DKM-500BWJ

Old Models

KM-340MAJ  KM-340MWJ  KM-515MAJ  KM-515MWJ  KM-515MRJ  KMD-410MAH  KMD-460MAH  KMD-460MWH  KMD-530MAH  KMD-530MWH  KMD-530MRH  KMS-822MLH

IM-200BAC  IM-500SAB


Old Models




IM-200BAA  IM-500SAA

All Models All models


Use E-20

20" Prefilter

Twin N/A

KM-901MWJ KM-901MAJ   KM-901MRJ3  KM-901MRJ  KM-1100MAJ  KM-1100MWJ  KM-1100MRJ  KMD-860MAJ  KMD-860MRJ  KMD-860MWJ  KMS-822MLJ  KMS-1122MLJ  KMS-1402MLJ

Old Models*

KM-600MAH  KM-650MAJ  KM-650MRJ  KM-650MWJ  KM-1340MAH  KM-1340MRH3    KM-1340MRH  KM-1340MWH  KM-1601MRJ3   KM-1601MRJ    KM-1601SAJ  KM-1601SWJ3   KM-1601SAJ3   KM-1601SRJ3   KM-1601SRJ  KM-1601SWJ    KM-1900SAJ3   KM-1900SWH3   KM-1900SRJ3  KM-1900SAJ    KM-1900SRJ    KM-1900SWH     KM-2200SWJ3  KM-2200SRJ3  KMS-822MLH  KMS-830MLH   KMS-1122MLH   KMS-1401MLJ   KMH-2000SWH3   KMH-2000SRH3    KMH-2000SRH 



Use E-20

20" Prefilter

Triple N/A

  KM-1301SAJ3  KM-1301SWJ3  KM-1301SAJ  KM-1301SRJ3  KM-1301SRJ  KM-1301SWJ  KM-1340MAJ  KM-1340MRJ  KM-1340MRJ3  KM-1340MWJ  KM-1601MRJ KM-1601MRJ3  KM-1601SAJ  KM-1601SAJ3  KM-1601SRJ  KM-1601SRJ3  KM-1601SWJ  KM-1601SWJ3  KM-1900SAJ  KM-1900SAJ3  KM-1900SRJ  KM-1900SRJ3  KM-1900SWJ  KM-1900SWJ3  KM-2200SRJ3  KM-2200SWJ3  KM-2600SRJ3 KM-260SWJ3  KMH-2100SRJ  KMH-2100SRJ3  KMH-2100SWJ3  KMS-2000MLJ

Old Models

KM-1340MAH  KM-1340MRH3   KM-1340MRH   KM-1340MWH  KMS-830MLH



Replacement Cartridge (1) One each




*Older models of KM-1340, KM-1601, KM-1900, and KM-2200 used twin manifolds. The latest models use triple manifolds to filter water.