How long does an Ice Machine last?

               Hoshizaki ice makers are made to last anywhere between 10-30 years. However, there are a few factors that will affect the life expectancy of your machine. Factors such as the environment in which the machine is placed, how often you replace filters, daily use, water quality, routine maintenance and cleaning.

               Specifically, offers a three-year warranty for the machine and give notice to our customers to check the machine for any damage before signing the bill of lading. We also encourage our customers to change the filter systems every six months, the Hoshizaki 4HC-H H9655-11 water filter decreases machine maintenance by reducing scale and bacterial build-up. Hiring a service provider who is certified in the brand of Hoshizaki to professionally install the machine will ensure the overall quality of the machine. With this useful information for our customers, we can expect the machine to work properly and have a long life expectancy. has a Youtube channel with a great tutorial on routine maintenance and cleaning of the ice makers. We suggest for every customer to be familiar with the routine maintenance and how to care for their machine. Below is a list of procedures for preventative maintenance for the KM Series Cuber :


● Clean removable air filter
● Service water filter, check water valve screen
● Visual Inspection
● Clean Exterior with a soft cloth and neutral cleaner
● Clean and sanitize water system and bin

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