How long does it take for an ice maker to start producing ice?

          Creating ice is not going to be an instant process. Many factors come into play with how long it takes an ice machine to make ice. For example, the make and model of your ice machine can have a similar effect. It also depends on how many pounds of ice your particular ice maker can produce. If you own a machine created to produce less ice, it will produce at a slower rate than a larger machine. For example, the HOSHIZAKI AM-50BAJ can create the max amount of 55lbs of ice per day versus the HOSHIZAKI KM-160BWJ which was designed to make 146lbs of ice per day. There are other machines that allow the options to attach a smaller or larger ice bin.

          Other factors the ambient temperature around your ice machine. If the machine was stored outside in a Florida environment, it will take longer for the ice to be produced as opposed to the machine being stored in a cooler environment. Another factor that will affect how long your ice machine takes to create ice is the temperature of the water being used in water cooled ice machines. Colder water will speed up the process of ice being created verses warm or room temperature water.

          Before you assume your ice maker is damaged because of the low ice count, make sure you check that the ice machine is on, the door is closed, the pressure of the water filter, and the temperature of your ice maker. With this helpful information , you will be able to make an easier and more efficient choice on your next ice machine!