Why Choose Hoshizaki Ice Machines

Hoshizkai is known for producing premium quality commercial refrigeration products. Its line of ice machines are often considered the highest quality ice makers on the market. Here’s what separates Hoshizaki from the competition:


- Hoshizaki has been in business since 1947.

According to the company’s website, “Hoshizaki Electric Company was established in February, 1947 in Nagoya, Japan by Mr. Shigetoshi Sakamoto.” The company has since become the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial ice machines.


Over the course of its 69 year history, the company established itself as a company known for its quality, innovation, and reliability.


- Hoshizaki ice machines make the best ice.

Ice machines from Hoshizaki are known to produce the hardest and clearest ice on the market. Because of the hardness of the ice, it resists melting exceptionally well. Clear ice is also preferable because it shows how clean the ice is.


- Hoshizaki uses stainless steel evaporator plates.

Hoshizaki is the only manufacturer of commercial ice machines which uses 100% stainless steel evaporator plates. Hoshizaki’s stainless steel evaporators offer exceptionally long life expectancy. These evaporators rarely ever flake or peel from continuous wear or operation. In addition, the evaporators are tougher than most and able to produce ice in many adverse conditions.


HoshiGuard from Hoshizaki

- Hoshizaki uses antimicrobial protection with HoshiGuard.

Many Hoshizaki ice makers feature the HoshiGuard (H-Guard) antimicrobial agent. The HoshiGuard or H-Guard system uses antimicrobial agents to help prohibit bacterial, fungal, or microbial growth. This helps to reduce growth and build-up of slime and bacteria in key “foodzone” areas.


Cycle Saver - Hoshizaki Ice Maker- Hoshizaki uses Cycle Saver technology.

Hoshizaki’s Cycle Saver technology allows its ice machines to produce the same quantity of ice in half as many cycles as many competitor brands. With fewer cycles per day, there are typically reduced energy costs, less cleaning and maintenance, and extended life expectancy for the ice machine.


If a competitor’s ice machine ran its normal amount of cycles for 6 years, it would take a Hoshizaki ice machine (using Cycle Saver technology) 15 years to run that many cycles.


CycleSaver - Hoshizaki

- Hoshizaki employs self-cleaning technology.

Many Hoshizaki ice machines have a patented self cleaning technology called “Clean Cycle.” This helps ice machine owners save valuable time and money. Keeping an ice machine clean leads to longer unit life span.